Covid-19 Procedures

In an effort to keep my workspace clean and safe for all of my clients and to abide by state and local mandates, the following will take place with every massage / client.

- Every client must wear a face covering to the massage. I will wear one as well. 

- Every client will wash their hands as soon as they enter. I will also wash my hands prior to your arrival and again   before entering the room for the massage. I also have hand sanitizer available if needed during or after the massage. 

- I will take your temperature when you arrive. I will also ask you if you have had or have any symptoms of Covid-19. 

-If you have been out of the state of Colorado in the previous 14 days, please call me before your appointment day.   Depending on where/how you have traveled, I may ask you to postpone your massage until you have been in the state   for 14 days. 

- I am sanitizing everything a client could touch during the massage, especially the face cradle and table, door knobs,   light switches...etc. 

- The massage space, and client restroom are located right inside the front door, so clients do not have to enter into my   living space. This area is blocked off with a wall divider. 

If you have any concerns about getting a massage with me during this pandemic, please give me a call. I welcome your questions and comments, and would be open to hearing any accommodations you may need for your particular session.